Third Presbyterian Church, PCA


617 22nd Street South

Birmingham, AL 35233

205 - 322 - 1404 Phone

205 - 322 - 1407 Fax

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Senior Pastor

Rev. Michael Brock


Assistant Pastor

Rev. Hunter Twitty

extension 708


Director of Youth & Children's Ministries

Anya Hall

extension 709


Director of Music Ministry

Gordon Craig

extension 704


Church Hostess

Susan Simon

extension 711


Office Manager

Jennie Hale

extension 701


Accounting / Financial Office

Tom Yeager, Financial Secretary

extension 706


Tim Wannemuehler, Treasurer


Media / Technology

Jim C Hamil

extension 710



Jack Neill


Kitchen / Food Services

extension 705


Workroom E205

extension 703



The Main Church Parking Lot is on 22nd Street, immediately prior to the Church Complex. Other parking is available streetside (parking meters are not utilized on Evenings & Weekends).


Handicapped Parking

Handicapped parking is located streetside on 7th Avenue, adjacent to the Sanctuary and Wheelchair accessible is in our 7th Avenue Parking Lot (located east of the Sanctuary).


Session (Spiritual Leadership)

Eddie Burg, David Byers, Chris Hussar, Charles Miller, Jack Neil, and Harold Simon(clerk). Elder Emeriti: Gene Hill, Earl Phillips, Jim Roy, Bob Struck, Allen Trucks, and Walter Yarbrough


Diaconate (Facilities, Operations, & Finances)

Tommy Brannan(Chairman, Grounds, Exterior, & Insurance), Billy Culp(Sanctuary Building), Joe Hall(Education Building), Jim C Hamil(Media & Technology), Terry Hammond(Mechanical), Bob McIndoe(Secretary), Kenny Miller(Sunday Logistics), Ben Riley(Nursery), Bob Stansbury, Tim Wannemuehler(Treasurer), and Ben Whitaker(Security).

Contact Chairman for areas not assigned to a deacon.